Below are recent projects I have worked on for the BC Government. Please note: I’m unable to release intricate specifics on each project but feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



Launch Online was an initiative started by Stronger BC to help local BC-businesses move their business online.  My role in this project was to coordinate with the Project Manager, design a user flow, landing page and the application form.

SBC Small and Medium Sized Recovery Grant

The SBC Small and Medium Sized Recovery Grant was created to assist businesses who were affected by COVID-19. My role in this project was to coordinate with SBC and outline the application process from users submitting information to Adjudicators who would triage the information and grant the necessary funds.

Service BC Online Appointment Booking

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Service BC wanted to enable citizens to book online appointments for government services and ease workloads for in person staff members. In order to help facilitate this, I designed the front facing application using BC government design and accessibility standards while also conducting usability tests repeatedly across the project lifecycle. Service BC continues to utilize the online booking appointment which has lead to an ease of workload for Service BC employees as well as a simplified process for citizens to book appointments.

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BC Procurement Services – Time Machine 2.0

BC Procurement Services is a branch of government that, among many things, oversees the buying and selling of goods and services between the government and independent merchants. The goal of this project was to upgrade the usability of the application (Time Machine 1.0) based on recent user testing and feedback. My role was to design the front facing application and conduct the usability testing, facilitate workshop gathering sessions in order to ensure both user and business needs were being met. Today, BC Procurement Services has utilized the “Time Machine” to review intake requests from merchants, manage staff hours, and improve project management.

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