The College of Optometrists of BC (COBC) is a regulatory body for every optometrist in BC. The college guides and regulates all optometrists that are registered with the college and is also an information hub for the public regarding optometrists to ensure safe, ethical and effective optometric services.

Task:  COBC used an outdated WordPress theme that could not be updated and was described as “quite complex” by staff who were using it. COBC requested their website to be redesigned for a more staff-friendly CMS where they can make updates and content changes with ease. They also requested to have a modernized, visually-pleasing website with a simplified user flow for visitors seeking information.


For the COBC website we delivered the following:

  • User Research
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Full Development

Custom Features

  • “Find an Optometrist” Search
  • Search libary for entire site
  • MYSQL Database syncup and customization
  • Responsive Design

Client Inclusion

  • WordPress CMS, tailored to COBC needs
  • COBC feedback included throughout the project

Full case study coming soon!